Member Directory Guide


Request access

To access the online Member Directory for Advent Lutheran Church, church members will need to complete and submit a Member Directory Access Form (see link below). Church members are not listed in the church directory and do not have online access to it until the access form is submitted and processed.

The membership directory is grouped into households.  When a member of a household requests online access, the form includes an option to allow display of other members of the household (spouse and children) in the directory, so that all members of a household do not need to submit a form individually.

Please note - a member logon can update their member profile and the Household profile, but cannot update other member profiles in the Household. A separate access form (with a different email address) will need to be submitted for other Household members or contact the church office for member information updates.

The following Member and Household profile information can be updated: Mailing address, email address(es), phone numbers(s), photo, and the option to list or unlist this information in the online directory.

After submitting the access form you will receive a Church360 Unite email invitation in approximately 1-2 business days.  Click "Accept invitation" in the email and you will be prompted to establish a password. You will have the option to create a unique username or just use your email address as the username.

Click the following link to complete and submit an Member Directory Access Form


Sign in to the Advent website

After establishing a username and password, "Sign in" to the Advent website by clicking the person icon in the far upper right corner (just to the right of the magnifying glass) from any page.


Open the Member Directory

Click Connect on the top main menu, then click Member Directory (this link only appears once logged in - the Member Directory Guide is always available).  When navigating around the member directory, you can always get back to the main view by clicking Connect on the top main menu, then click Member Directory.


Navigating and updating information in the Member Directory

You can easily search the directory by entering any letters (first name, last name, parts of names, etc.) in the "Filter Directory" field.

The main view is a list of Households.  A Household is comprised of person records.  A member can update information in the Household and their person record.

Documentation (including videos - but no sound) is available from the software provider by clicking the following link:

Church 360 Members Page Overview

Make sure you click the links "How do I update my household information" and "How do I update my individual person record".


Sign out of the Advent website

Click the person icon in the far upper right corner (just to the right of the magnifying glass), then click "Sign out".


Reset forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password for logging on to the Advent website, follow the procedure below.

Click the person icon in the far upper right corner (just to the right of the magnifying glass) on the Advent website, then click "Sign in".

Click the "Forgot your password" link just to the right of the "Sign in" button, enter the email address used to sign in, then click the "Send me password reset instructions" button. You will receive an email with instructions to create a new password.