Stewardship is the grateful and responsible use of the gifts we receive from a good and gracious God:  Our time, our talents, our finances/possessions, and our environment. We invite everyone to join us on a generosity journey, as you faithfully respond to the blessings bestowed by God.

Online Giving

During these unprecedented times, when gathering in person becomes increasingly more difficult, we want to make it easier for people to give to Advent. You may choose to give to the general fund of the congregation, and/or support various outreach ministries or programs within the church. 

Click on one of the following links to give online: 

Advent partners with Vanco to offer a secure online payment solution to accept gifts by credit card or direct debit banking accounts.

Click the following link to view a brief PDF on using Vanco to donate: How to use Vanco Online

By check

Make check payable and mail to:

Advent Lutheran Church
W63N642 Washington Ave
Cedarburg, WI 53012



Stewardship Campaign

Each year we invite the congregation to prayerfully discern what you have and what you are able to give right now to support the mission and ministry of the Church. 


I would like to share with you another generosity story. This week a member took me aside and said, "So pastor, if we're ALL IN, how do I make that known to you all?" I was impressed with the question, because it came even before we mailed out the final stewardship materials, including an Intent Card. This member asked if they should just change their giving amount online. I told them that they were free to make the updates to their e-giving online, but that we would appreciate a return of the Intent Card, which they'd receive soon, so that we can track progress on our giving goals for the year.

Advent, I hope you are as excited about the opportunity to give as was the member who took me aside this week!

Your brochure and Intent Cards are in the mail, as we speak. We hope you can return them to the church by Thursday, December 3rd. We will celebrate the fruits of our campaign in worship on Sunday, December 6th, as we look ahead at how we will continue to:

INvest in families  "All In" - bulletin insert - Week 1

Celebrate our INterconnectedness  "All In" - bulletin insert - Week 2

Expand our INclusivity   "All In" - bulletin insert - Week 3

If you are considering signing up for E-giving, now is a great opportunity for you to do so. A generous household has made a Challenge Gift of $100 that they will donate for every new E-giving registration, up to 10. If you have questions, you can always contact the church office, or check out our tutorials on how to sign-up for E-giving below.  But, know that E-giving is secure and is a great way to stay consistent with your giving, especially while we are not worshiping in person due to COVID. 

Stewardship Chair Dan Roepke shared with us some other generous Challenge Gifts. Advent, if even just half of the congregation, 75 households, return the Intent Cards, a household will give the church an additional gift of $2,000! Just for returning the card!

And if we as a congregation step up our giving a level, we have the potential to receive up to $9,000 more in additional monies. In this way, your intent to give is maximized and its impact is expanded exponentially.

Won't you go ALL IN with us, and help us meet our financial goals, so that Advent can continue to serve ALL humanity in building a community that emulates Christ? 

ALL IN with you,

 Pastor Alexis